Task Team on Harmful Algae and Desalination of Seawater

Terms of Reference:

  • Assess and explore the feasibility of a joint FAO-IOC food safety risk assessment (or what available data allow) for toxins in drinking water coming from desalination plants;
  • In coordination with the IPHAB Task Team on Early Warning Systems for HABs, explore opportunities to work with the desalination industry and its academic partners to communicate and implement capabilities for HAB early warning systems through scientific presentations, workshops or other activities;
  • In 6 months develop a succinct list of challenges, objectives and actions with respect to the Task Team topic that will address the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development objectives and challenges and to present these at an IPHAB intersessional on-line consultation September 2021 with a view to formulate an IPHAB strategic framework for UN Decade initiatives;

Decides also that the Task Team will be chaired by D. Anderson (USA), and comprising M. Wells (PICES) and P. Hess (France). The Task Team is supplemented by international advisors and experts M-Y Dechraoui Bottein (Morocco), and may be expanded as required to fulfill the terms of reference,

Invites FAO to co-sponsor the Task Team,

Notes that the Task Team will continue its work until otherwise decided by the Panel and that it will work by correspondence and/or meet on an opportunistic basis, and provide a progress report to the Chair of IPHAB prior to IPHAB-XVI.



Donald M. Anderson, Senior Scientist, Biology Department and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Director, Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region (CINAR), danderson@whoi.edu