IPHAB Task Team on Algal Taxonomy

With reference to the HAB Programme Plan, objective 6.2.2(ii) (IOC/IPHAB-IX.3, Annex VII), to continue the Task Team on Algal Taxonomy with unchanged terms of reference:

  • verify the Reference List and suggest modifications,
  • each year issue a summary in Harmful Algae News detailing the taxonomic changes to the Reference List,
  • invite the scientific community to contribute to keeping the Reference List updated,
  • continue the work to include toxic cyanobacteria, including freshwater cyanobacteria,
  • include information on cysts,
  • include (where possible) references to selected validated sequences in GenBank obtained at or near the type locality,
  • include a note on the level of technique required to identify each species,
  • work in coordination with the Task Team on Biotoxins Monitoring, Management and Regulations to prepare a summary of data [e.g. number of species known to produce each toxin, current taxonomic problems],
  • interact in the development of the Harmful Algal Information System,
  • suggest themes for round-table discussions and other activities at the International Conference on Harmful Algae (ICHA); give presentation(s) at each ICHA conference, detailing recent changes in the taxonomy of harmful algal species,
  • identify editors within or external to the Task Team who will be responsible for validating, completing and updating the Reference List, including illustrations showing diagnostic features of each species, and reference or links to such illustrations,
  • organize a meeting of Reference List editors to discuss issues related to the List and working on the List with guidance from WoRMS;
  • In 6 months develop a succinct list of challenges, objectives and actions with respect to the Task Team topic that will address the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development objectives and challenges and to present these at an IPHAB intersessional on-line consultation September 2021 with a view to formulate an IPHAB strategic framework for UN Decade initiatives;

Decides that the Task Team will comprise N. Lundholm (Denmark) Chair; C. Churro; S. Fraga; M. Hoppenrath; M. Iwataki (Japan); J. Larsen; K. Mertens; Ø. Moestrup (Denmark) ; A. Zingone (Italy). The Task Team is supplemented by international advisors and experts K. Matsuoka (Japan), and may be expanded as required to fulfill the terms of reference;

Notes that the Task Team will continue its work until otherwise decided by the Panel and that it will work by correspondence and/or meet on an opportunistic basis, and provide a progress report to the Chair of IPHAB prior to IPHAB-XVI.


Nina Lundholm, Natural History Museum of denmark, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, E-mail: nlundholm@snm.ku.dk