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The IOC Newsletter on harmful algae and harmful algal events also serves as newsletter for GlobalHAB and the International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae (ISSHA).

Write to Editor NOW with news on new HAB events and their impacts in your country or region, new projects and results, HAB regional training courses, working groups, workshops, coordination meeting, or any other news and announcements you wish to share with HAB scientists and managers worldwide. A community of ca. 5500 people receives the e-version of ‘Harmful Algae News’. Please submit manuscripts by e-mail to the Editors. Guide for authors here!

HAN is full open access, reproduction of any materials in any form is allowed without express permission from the Editors or publisher as long as there is a proper indication of the source.

Harmful Algae News is compiled and edited by:

Beatriz Reguera
Centro Oceanográfico de Vigo (IEO, CSIC)
Subida a Radio Faro 50,36390 Vigo, Spain
Tel: +34 986 492111
Email: beatriz.reguera@ieo.csic.es
Eileen Bresnan
Marine Scotland,Victoria Road
Aberdeen AB1 9DB,Scotland, U.K.
Tel: +44-1224876544
Email: eileen.bresnan@gov.scot


Q & A

1, how to subscribe to Harmful Algae News?

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2, If I want to cite HAN articles, where to find DOI? 

In order that all contributors and the whole HAB community can cite the HAN articles to mutual benefit, we have assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to each issue since its first one in 1992. You can find DOI here; For issues after 68, DOI can be found on newsletter back cover.

3, If I want to search a key word in all HAN articles, how can I do that?

Here is the collection of all HAN issues since 1992 and it is in a text-searchable format.Open it with any PDF viewer and use the search&find funciton embedded.

For a single issue, you could download the file and search or search online here.